Mines Inspection & Safety

Mine Inspections & Safety can help you find information about certifications, inspections, rules and trainings that are related to the mining industry.

The duty of Mine Inspections & Safety office is to enter, inspect and examine all mining operations within Wyoming, whether those operations are in the process of development, construction or operation. Mine Inspections & Safety also enforces rules and regulations that support health and safety.

The Mines Annual Report and other forms and documents can be found on the Mining Information page.

The Mining Council

The Mining Council acts in conjunction with the State Inspector of Mines to improve safety, health, training, examinations and certification of miners in mining operations and coal mines. In addition, the Council is committed to the production and the processing of minerals, and in all installations, equipment and operations.

The Mining Council consists of 11 members, 10 of whom are appointed by the Governor to four-year terms. The 11th member is the State Inspector of Mines.

Christopher Barker Hourly, Coal
Michael K. Burd Hourly, Trona
Curtiss Cooley Jr. Hourly, Trona
Phil Dillinger Hourly, Coal
Eric Fagley Management ,Trona Engineer
Alan Johnson Management, Coal
Brett Ritter Management, Coal
Tom R. Waterhouse Management, Sand and Gravel
Russell Wilkerson Hourly, Bentonite

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