Fatal Accident Alerts

Fatal alerts are one of the methods we use to make employers and employees throughout the State aware that a fatal accident has occurred and the circumstances surrounding the accident. They are a brief summary of our accident investigation and contain a summary of the accident, causes and contributing factors, and our recommendations to prevent recurrence.


  • - Water well drilling rig Tool Pusher dies while drilling water well
  • - Asbestos abatement worker dies when utility vehicle strikes metal gate
  • - Servicing Rig Floor Hand Dies while working at heights
  • - Climbing guide dies while guiding climbers on Grand Teton Mountain
  • - Workers dies while trying to locate a underground Natural Gas Pipeline
  • - Plant workers dies during unplanned gas release while working on filter system
  • - Community liaison is fatally shot by of facility resident (active shooter)
  • - Excavation Worker died when struck by concrete piping
  • - Workers dies while performing maintenance on dump box truck hydraulic hose system


  • - Derrick Hand dies while working on Servicing Rig and is struck by Traveling Block and Sucker Rods when rig collapses
  • - Ranch Hand dies while operating all-terrain vehicle
  • - Road Construction Flagger dies when struck by highway traffic
  • - All-Terrain Vehicle operator Dies while spraying weeds
  • - Lone worker dies when struck by trees during felling activities
  • - Industrial Painter dies due to lack of adequate fall protection
  • - Sawmill worker dies due to lack of adequate fall protection
  • - Tire repair worker dies when tire explodes during servicing work in the field
  • - Metal decking worker dies when he falls from height of 34 feet



  • - Employee dies from burn injuries sustained while working on Carbon Fire Production oven
  • - Unrestrained employee, working in a general industry setting, lost his balance and fell 11.5 feet to a concrete floor
  • - Employee killed when Rig Hoisting Equipment brakes failed ​and post attached
  • - Employee working for an oilfield equipment repair facility was pulled into a vertical lathe
  • - Three employees severely burned while attempting to repair a well site separator
  • - Employee fatally injured by fall water well pump
  • - Employee run over by dump truck on road construction project
  • - Employee working to unload drill pipe from rail car dies when struck by pipe
  • - Five workers injured during welding activities on well production site


  • - Multiple employees injured when un-controlled flammable gases find ignition sources​
  • - Employee lost his balance and fell into a cooling unit's fan
  • - Employee crushed by a 525-gallon container
  • - Employee fatally injured while working in a trench shield
  • - Employee fell from scaffolding onto frozen ground
  • - Employee ejected from an aerial lift causing fatal injuries
  • - Timber operation employee run over by tractor/trailer
  • - Well service company employee run over by a tractor trailer



  • - Construction foreman drowns when excavator breaks through ice
  • - Victim received an electrical shock while working on a live gate
  • - Roustabout service employee struck by production casing or the production casing rack as it collapsed
  • - Welder fatally injured during a 36 inch gas line pipe welding operation


  • - Driller dies from massive head injury
  • - Fire proofer fatally injured when he fell from a second floor mechanical room doorway, 16 feet to the lower level of the empty stairwell shaft
  • - Tire technician dies after tire explosion
  • - Ski patroller falls when patrolling out of bound area
  • - Groundskeeper fatally injured when run over by tractor lawn mower
  • - Worker dies in excavation cave-in


  • - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) fatality injured
  • - Employee electrocuted by servicing rig contacting power line
  • - Employees fell while setting trusses (Catastrophe/No fatality)
  • - Employee fatally injured while climbing communication tower
  • - Laborer/fencer fatally injured while moving heavy equipment through waterway
  • - Rig hand fatally injured when he was struck by a non-magnetic drill collar (NMDC)
  • - Motorman falls after being struck in the head by falling drill pipe
  • - Crane operator fatally injured while disassembling a lattice boom on a truck mounted crane
  • - Employee fatally injured on a gas well site when he was run over by the rear tires of a tracker/trailer loaded with sand