Safety & Health Compliance

Enforcement of the private and public sector shall be used only to obtain compliance with the Act and the rules and regulations established by the Wyoming Occupational Safety and Health Commission. It shall investigate occupational fatalities, safety and health complaints, safety and health discrimination complaints and to ensure inspection coverage in employment areas with high injury rates and to create a significant impact in such industries.

Wyoming OSHA Programs

The following programs exist in Wyoming OSHA Compliance to ensure they are as effective as Federal OSHA.

Programmed Inspections (Targeted Un-announced) Inspections

The programmed inspections are the result of Observations made by Compliance officers as they are traveling around the state and seeing apparent rule violations. We also target employers with above average injuries and illness based on workers' compensation data and federally targeted industries present in Wyoming. These types of inspections can generate a penalty situation for the employer if serious hazards are found. OSHA Inspection Process video provided by US Department of Labor

Un-programmed Inspections (relating to Formal Complaints)

These will occur when a current employee or employee representative notifies Wyoming OSHA of an existing Safety or Health concern relating to a work environment. These types of inspections can generate a penalty situation for the employer if serious hazards are found. To make a formal Complaint or to get additional information on the subject, visit here.

Non-Formal Complaint Investigations

These will occur when an individual who is not a current employee notifies Wyoming OSHA of an existing Safety or Health Concern relating to a work environment these types of investigation do not typically generate an inspection or penalty situation. To make a Non-Formal Complaint or to get more information on the subject, visit here.

Referral inspections or investigations

We consider notifications of Safety and Health concerns provided by professionals not directly related to the employer as referrals. Based on the information provided and available resources we may either conduct an inspection or an investigation similar to Non-formal complaints. To make a referral, call (307) 777-7786

Discrimination Complaints (11C) Whistleblower Investigations

Will occur when an existing employee or ex-employee notifies us of a situation where the employee/ex- employee attempted to address Safety and Health concerns in their work environment and then were treated differently than other employees or was fired due to their efforts to address Safety and Health concerns. To make a complaint relating to Discrimination due to Safety and Health concerns, visit here.

Third Party Penalty Collection Process

Once the Wyoming OSHA Commission has issued a Final Order to an employer, the employer has 30 calendar days to take action to pay the penalty owed. If an employer fails to take action to pay the penalty owed, the employer is referred to a contracted third party collection agency who takes action to collect the money owed. If this happens, in addition to the penalty owed, the collection agency will add their commission fee and costs as well as interest to the money owed, and will seek court judgments if necessary. This could also result in information being added to the employer's credit report.

Additional Information & Resources

OSHA Statistics and Data

OSHA 300

The OSHA 300A Summary Form is to be posted in an area where employees can view it from February 1st - April 30th.

OSHA Quick Takes

OSHA Quick Takes is a page from the Federal OSHA website for a monthly communication service with information, updates and results from OSHA about safety and health in America's workplaces.

OSHA Standards (Federal and State)

Safety Compliance Evaluation

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