Safety Training Resources

In this section, you will find a variety of resources that will help you to be in compliance with the OSHA Standards.

In addition, we do offer additional training as well, but this training is only available upon request. The following are a few of the safety training offered.

  • Oil & Gas Well Drilling Standard
  • Oil & Gas Well Servicing Standard
  • Cranes Standard
  • OSHA Recordkeeping
  • Residential Fall Protection
  • Global Harmonization Systems (GHS)

Safe + Sound Campaign Resources

  • Promoting Safety and Health Programs for Consultants shows you how to discuss safety and health programs during inspections, walk-arounds, consultation visits, and other activities. You can also print and review the one-pager, That Was No Accident! Using Your OSHA 300 Log to Improve Safety and Health, when you visit a workplace, to show employers how to use their 300 log to identify and fix workplace hazards.
  • Safe + Sound Campaign PowerPoint educates employers about why they should implement a safety and health program and how they can participate in the Safe + Sound Campaign.
  • Safe + Sound Week Recruitment PowerPoint and Talking Points provide an overview about how to participate in Safe + Sound Week, August 13-19, 2018 and short explanations for answering commonly asked questions about participation.
  • Webinar #0138: Integrating the Safe and Sound Campaign details strategies for using the Campaign to promote the use of safety and health programs in your everyday stakeholder interactions and provides an overview of the tools and resources available to help you support employers initiating or energizing safety and health programs in their workplaces.

Have questions regarding the Safe + Sound Campaign? Please email