Workforce Development Training Fund

Virtual Apprenticeship Fair

Tune in for our Virtual Apprenticeship Fair from 4:30-7 p.m. Tuesday, November 10. The fair will take place on Zoom.

Learn how being an apprentice can improve your marketable skills, or how hiring and training apprentices can benefit your business. You'll also find out about funding available to offset the training and education costs.

The Workforce Development Training Fund

The WDTF is a unique Wyoming-based program connecting employers with professional development opportunities to increase employee skill attainment. These funding opportunities include:

The Apprenticeship State Expansion program

ASE is designed to educate, encourage, and scale up Registered Apprenticeship for businesses in Wyoming.

Pre-Obligation Grants

Work with local economic development organizations and training facilities to develop a program to create and train a skilled workforce for the jobs you require as you relocate to or expand your operations in Wyoming.

Businesses are eligible for up to $1,500/trainee and up to $300,000 with Wyoming's Pre-Obligation Grant.

Funding Limits

Funding limits for Business Training Grants are:

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