Helpful Hints

Business Account Creation

What information do I need before I create my account?

  • Social Security number (individuals only,) or Federal Employer Identification Number (all other business forms);
  • Unemployment Insurance number;
  • Workers' Compensation number;
  • Secretary of State number
  • Registered with Wyoming at Work
  • Business' physical and mailing addresses; and
  • Contact person information

I am a Sole Proprietor; I do not have Unemployment Insurance or Workers' Compensation. Can I still get a grant?

Yes. However, you may be required to register to receive Unemployment Insurance (UI) and a Workers' Compensation (WC) numbers to complete the business registration.

How do I get Unemployment Insurance and Worker's Compensation numbers?

Visit the joint UI/WC website and fill out the application. The business will receive both numbers by mail and will need to have those numbers to create an account.

Why do I need a WC or UI number if I am not eligible for the programs?

If you are not eligible for UI or WC, the business will be provided with temporary numbers that will show whether they are in good standing with those divisions. Temporary status will not require any payment or reporting on the part of the business, but must be renewed annually.

I am a Sole Proprietor and the only employee. Can I get a workforce grant?

Yes. To receive a grant you will need to provide a qualifying payroll verification of your hourly wage.