Risk Management Program

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services provides Risk Management to policy-holder companies. Risk Management is a study that evaluates each individual company and quantifies its past, current and projected financial losses using company specific Workers' Compensation data. By utilizing this data, these studies advise employers on benefits, methods, costs and potential savings. Risk Management studies may also involve the coordination of other resources needed to assist a client.

Specifically, a Risk Management Analysis will focus on where a company is experiencing injuries and how those injuries will impact the company financially. The Risk Management Specialist will visit your facility and present the Risk Management Analysis findings to management and employees. The consultant will conduct a multi-media presentation outlining problem areas. NOTE: The services are free of charge to all Wyoming Workers' Compensation policyholders.

Read a more in-depth explanation about Risk Management Services.

Request a review of Loss Runs, Risk Management Analysis or the Safety Discount Program using the Risk Management Request form.

Below you will find some resources as well as programs that will assist you with Risk Management.

Workplace Safety Contracts - Safety Improvement Fund

The Wyoming Safety Improvement Fund is a program that can help businesses implement health and safety training programs, or assist with the purchase of health and safety equipment. Get more details about the program.

Loss Runs

A loss run is a detailed report that lists Workers' Compensation claims for your company. The list include injury description, injury costs and reserves for active and inactive claims.

Risk Management Analysis (formerly known as Cost Benefit Analysis)

A Risk Management Analysis is a free resource provided to all employers with an active Workers' Compensation policy. A full RMA provides your company with an individualized presentation that covers:

  • What your EMR is and how it is calculated
  • Your company's current base rate(s)
  • Premium History
  • Risk Locations
  • Injury History with Data Trending
  • Claims Management
  • Discounts - How to Apply & Potential Savings
  • Fraud & What to Do
  • Policy Contact Information

Safety Discount Program

Employers willing to adopt a written health and safety program, with specific requirements, may enroll in the Safety Discount Program. Employers must complete the ANNUAL APPLICATION CERTIFICATION OF SAFETY DISCOUNT PROGRAM PREMIUM CREDIT and submit their written safety program for approval. View the Safety and Health Programs Guidelines. Upon acceptance into the program, employers have a potential to save up to 10 percent off the BASE rate premium. Download the Safety Discount Annual Application.

NEW! If you're reapplying for the Safety Discount program and have no employer policy changes, you can now submit your renewal application electronically. Click here to submit an electronic Safety Discount renewal application.

Safety and Health Programs

View our guidelines and assistance for Safety and Health programs.

Drug-Free Workplace Program

Employers utilizing a drug testing program may qualify for a base rate discount! To qualify for the Drug-Free Workplace Discount, employers must be doing 100% pre-employment testing, post-accident testing, reasonable suspicion testing and 20% random drug testing a year.

Application for Certification of the Drug Free Workplace Premium Credit Program along with a copy of your Drug Free Workplace policy should be sent to Workers' Compensation - Employer Services. See below for info.

NEW! If you're reapplying for the Drug-Free Workplace Program and have no employer policy changes, you can now submit your renewal application electronically. Click here to submit an electronic Drug-Free Workplace Discount renewal application.

Wyoming Workers' Compensation
Risk Management

Substance abuse testing, which shall include all of the following:

  • Pre-employment
  • Random to the extent permitted by law
  • Reasonable suspicion
  • Post-accident testing

The 5 percent discount can be utilized independent of or in conjunction with the present Safety Discount Program.

Complete information for the premium base rate discount is available in the Rules, Regulations and Fee Schedules of the Wyoming Workers' Safety and Compensation Division, Chapter 2, Section 8.