Occupational Safety and Health

Enforcement of the private and public sector shall be used only to obtain compliance with the Act and the rules and regulations established by the Wyoming Occupational Safety and Health Commission. It shall investigate occupational fatalities, safety and health complaints, safety and health discrimination complaints and to ensure inspection coverage in employment areas with high injury rates and to create a significance impact in such industries.

Special Programs

The following first two programs were developed to get employers to reduce the number of injuries that occur in their companies. The motivating factor is to trade penalty monies for claims reduction.

The last program is to get employers to fix hazards as soon as possible in exchange for a reduced penalty.

The expected result is that all parties; employers, employees, and us win. Injuries and claims go down, hazards get fixed, money stays within the company, and production and morale go up! This is a win-win situation.

Safety and Health Complaints

Visit our Workplace Safety Complaint page to learn about the options you have for making a formal or informal complaint.

Safety and Health Programs

Establishment Search

The Establishment Search page enables the user to search for OSHA enforcement inspections by the name of the establishment.

OSHA Statistics and Data

This Federal OSHA Statistics and Data page includes establishment search, inspection information and much more.

Adding Inequality to Injury: The Cost of Failing to Protect Workers on the Job​

OSHA 300

The OSHA 300A Summary Form is to be posted in an area where employees can view it from February 1st - April 30th.

OSHA Quick Takes

OSHA Quick Takes is a page from the Federal OSHA website for a monthly communication service with information, updates and results from OSHA about safety and health in America's workplaces.

OSHA Standards (Federal & State)