Local Jobs and Payroll in Wyoming in First Quarter : Job Losses in Oil & Gas

The Research & Planning section of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services reported today that total unemployment insurance (UI) covered payroll increased by $92.4 million (3.0%) in first quarter 2015. Employment rose by 3,237 (1.2%) and average weekly wage increased by $15 (1.7%). Job growth and payroll growth both slowed from fourth to first quarter. The mining sector (including oil & gas) lost 243 jobs. In terms of dollars, UI covered payroll represents approximately 91.5% of all wage and salary disbursements and 43.8% of personal income in the state (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2014). Analysts have noted that "minerals related employment is one of the key predictors of sales and use tax revenue" in Wyoming (CREG 2010).

Types of industry employment and the amount of earnings by county

Employment rose in 12 counties and fell in 11 counties (see Table). Total payroll increased in 17 counties and decreased in six counties.

Employment in Natrona County grew by 1,144 jobs (2.8%) and its total payroll increased by $26.2 million (5.2%). Sizable job gains were seen in mining (including oil & gas), transportation & warehousing, wholesale trade, and accommodation & food services.

Laramie County added 834 jobs (1.9%) and its total payroll rose by $14.1 million (3.0%). The largest job gains occurred in construction, mining (including oil & gas), transportation & warehousing, and accommodation & food services. Employment fell in health care & social assistance, professional & technical services, and management of companies & enterprises.

Teton County added 679 jobs (3.9%) and its total payroll rose by $15.7 million (9.1%). The largest job gains occurred in accommodation & food services, construction, and retail trade. Growth was also seen in local government (including public schools and hospitals), transportation & warehousing, and real estate & rental & leasing.

In Campbell County, employment rose by 455 jobs (1.7%) and its total payroll grew by $17.0 million (4.3%). Job gains were seen in accommodation & food services, administrative & waste services, retail trade, and manufacturing. Employment fell in professional & technical services.

Sweetwater County lost 375 jobs (-1.6%) and its total payroll fell by $2.8 million (-0.8%). Mining (including oil & gas) employment fell by approximately 350 jobs and modest job losses were seen in manufacturing, local government, other services, and administrative & waste services. Employment rose in health care & social assistance and retail trade.

Employment fell by 278 jobs (-3.9%) in Carbon County and its total payroll decreased by $6.7 million (-7.8%). Job gains in retail trade helped offset job losses in construction. Employment fell slightly in many different sectors, including mining, federal government, state government, local government, transportation & warehousing, health care & social assistance, and accommodation & food services.
Johnson County lost 220 jobs (-6.8%) and its total payroll fell by $2.1 million (-7.3%). Employment fell in construction, mining (including oil & gas), and accommodation & food services.

Preview - Second Quarter (April through June) 2015 Covered Employment & Wages

According to preliminary data, employment declined in second quarter. Total payroll fell by $32.1 million (-1.0%) and employment decreased by 2,100 jobs (-0.7%). The largest job losses occurred in mining (including oil & gas; approximately 3,200 jobs), construction (approximately 900 jobs), and professional & technical services (approximately 200 jobs). These job losses were partially offset by job gains in retail trade (approximately 950 jobs), accommodation & food services (approximately 650 jobs), and arts, entertainment, & recreation (nearly 200 jobs).

Detailed covered employment and wages data for Second Quarter 2015 are scheduled to be released on .

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