Request for Nominations Annual Governor's Stop Work Authority Award

The Wyoming Oil and Gas Industry Safety Alliance (WOGISA), promotes safety and health improvements in the Wyoming oil and gas industry. Our vision is Incident-Free Operations, and we are committed to supporting the industry in that pursuit.

WOGISA is requesting nominations for the Annual Governor's Stop Work Authority (SWA) Award. This award will be presented at the Wyoming Safety Summit, which is to be held this year in Cheyenne, Wyoming on . Eligibility for this award is open to WOGISA members, employers and employees. WOGISA is also expanding eligibility for this award to include members, employers and employees of the other industry safety organizations in Wyoming.

Stop Work Authority (SWA) is a powerful safety tool for employers and employees in preventing incidents, injuries and fatalities. SWA establishes the responsibility and obligation for any individual to suspend a single work task or group operation when:

  • The control of a Health, Safety and/or Environment risk is not clearly established or understood
  • An individual identifies or recognizes an unforeseen hazard or risk, actual, potential or perceived unsafe condition, action, or omission, which if left uncorrected, may result in an incident, injury or damage.

We are currently calling for nominations of any Stop Work actions that were performed since June of 2016. Please submit your SWA nominations on or before . The WOGISA SWA Committee will the review the submittals and select a SWA nomination for the annual Governor's Stop Work Authority Award. A link to the SWA award instructions and Nomination Form may be found here.

Please submit your completed SWA nomination form to If you have questions you may also contact one the of the WOGISA SWA Committee members.

WOGISA SWA Committee

  • Sid Miller - (307) 840-0984
  • Bill Murphy - (307) 760-6716
  • Matt Burgardt - (307) 315-4375

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