Team Helps Employers Lower Workers' Compensation Premiums

CHEYENNE - The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services' (DWS) Workers' Compensation Risk Management Team can help employers lower their Experience Modification Rating (EMR).

An employer's EMR is a direct representation of the number of injuries, including frequency and severity, a company sees each year. The higher a company's EMR, the higher the Workers' Compensation premium.

"A strong safety culture starts from the top and trickles down to everyone working for the company. An established safety culture means employees take safety seriously and will follow guidelines to ensure they leave without injury every day," Jason Wolfe, Administrator for the Office of Standards and Compliance for the Department, said. "Our Risk Management team can help employers achieve just that."

When employers request assistance from the Risk Management team, a risk management analysis will be conducted focusing on where a company is experiencing injuries and how those injuries will impact the company financially. The Risk Management Specialist will visit the employer's site, and present the findings to management and employees. Following the analysis, the team will make recommendations on a number of potential cost savers, including eligibility for certain safety discount programs. This service is free of charge.

"A strong safety culture equals fewer injuries, which means fewer Workers' Compensation claims, which ultimately means a lower EMR." Risk Management Program Manager Nichole Brommer said. "We want to help employers keep their employees safe and save money."

Employers can learn how to lower their EMR by calling the Risk Management team at (307) 777-6763 or at (307) 777-8901.

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