Wyoming Department of Workforce Services Launches New Wage Claim Website

New site makes filing claims easier and more efficient.

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services Labor Standards division announced today the launch of a new website allowing employees to file a claim for unpaid wages online. Employees who have separated from their employer and are owed wages past the regularly scheduled payday may now file a claim through the new site. The site is the result of years of work to streamline the claims process.

Kelly Roseberry, Deputy Administrator for Labor Standards, said the launch of the new website makes the process of filing a claim more accessible. "For people living in rural areas having the option to file a wage claim online is critical. Before this site was launched an employee had to file a paper claim and send it in by mail. The process is much quicker now." Roseberry says the next phase of the website will allow clients to upload pay stubs and attach supporting documentation.

For questions about filing a wage claim online, please contact Labor Standards at (307) 777-7261. To access the Wage Claim website, please visit here.

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