Wyoming Department of Workforce Services Announces New Unemployment Insurance Claims System

CHEYENNE - The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services (DWS) announced today the modernization of its Unemployment Insurance Claims system effective early this summer. The new system is a cloud-based solution hosted by Microsoft Azure and will offer users a more efficient and reliable way to process unemployment insurance claims.

"The new system is a vast improvement over the old one," said Tobi Cates, Administrator of Office Workforce Programs for the DWS. "Not only has our vendor built a solution that other states can use, it's a one-stop portal that employers and claimants will be able to use with ease."

According to Cates, the new system also incorporates expanded features for unemployment insurance claimants. Those accessing the unemployment insurance system will be able to look up the date of unemployment insurance payments and answer questions related to claims online. "Wyoming is one of a couple of elite states that will have an unemployment insurance solution fully developed and deployed in the Cloud," said Cates, "we're very proud of the new system and we're excited to share it with our stakeholders come summer."

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