Truck Driver Survey Report is Published

Truck drivers hauling heavy loads across Wyoming were recently asked their views about safety on the state's highways, and they were surprisingly forthcoming.

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, in conjunction with the Wyoming Department of Transportation and the Wyoming Trucking Association, conducted a safety survey, in which they interviewed truck drivers at ports of entry.

"We had great participation," said Meredith Towle, Wyoming Department of Workforce Services' State Occupational Epidemiologist. "We were catching truckers at ports of entry - places they generally want to get in and out really quickly - but their responses said to us that truckers are engaged in the topic of safety."

Towle said the survey revealed several opportunities for policy or program improvements. Many drivers obtained their commercial driver licenses without any formal training, and upwards of 40 percent reported driving despite fatigue or bad weather to meet certain scheduling pressures or delivery demands. The survey also noted that truckers are increasingly concerned that drivers of passenger vehicles aren't aware of the hazards of sharing the road with heavy trucks.

On a positive note, the Wyoming 511 App was the most frequently cited resource that drivers rely on for road safety information.

Download the report.

For more information about the report, contact:

Meredith Towle
Wyoming Department of Workforce Services
State Occupational Epidemiologist

Sgt. Momen O. Elazizi
Wyoming Highway Patrol
Safety Education Coordinator

Sheila D. Foertsch
Managing Director
Wyoming Truckers Association, Inc.

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