Southwest Wyoming launches Next Gen Sector Partnership

ROCK SPRINGS - Manufacturing leaders representing a cross-section of the industry in southwest Wyoming met Oct. 4 to identify opportunities and establish actions needed to promote the growth of the sector. Joining them were local experts in workforce development, education and economic development.

In keeping with the Next Generation Sector Partnerships method, community partners were there to observe the conversation held by industry leaders.

This method is modeled after similar partnerships across the country that are achieving real results for businesses, job seekers, regional economies and businesses.

Industry leaders discussed the need to grow markets by driving demand for natural gas as a transportation fuel; developing new process technologies like real-time materials monitoring, blockchain and system linkage; create policy changes like increasing weight allowances for Class 8 trucks; developing distinctive regional assets to appeal to people who are increasingly making lifestyle choices when choosing where to live and work.

Priority actions for industry leaders included working with the community to enhance both the life skills and technical skills of local students, improving the marketing of southwest Wyoming's image and strengthening infrastructure - everything from better networking with suppliers and broadband, to railroad capabilities and affordable housing.

Industry leaders will participate in conference calls next month to further develop how to measure success and some ways to create early wins that move the region in the right direction.

Regions throughout Wyoming are in the process of launching their own Next Generation Sector Partnerships. This effort is being supported at the state-wide and local levels by the Wyoming Workforce Development Council, the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, the Wyoming Business Council, the Wyoming Department of Education and the Wyoming Community College Commission. To stay informed of the latest successes and next steps, visit here.

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