DWS Apprenticeship Grant Program launches with awards to LCCC

CHEYENNE - In an effort to fill worker shortages, the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) has launched its new apprenticeship grant program. Two grants have already been awarded: one to train 15 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) apprentices and the other to train 11 plumbing apprentices.

"Registered apprenticeship is mastery learning in action," said Michael Broad, the state director of the Office of Apprenticeship. "The registered apprenticeship grant is a great step to open doors for locally provided, related instruction needed to train a workforce skilled in the trades, a workforce skilled for positions facing a shortage of technically trained or skilled applicants, and our young people in the technical skills needed for the jobs for today and their future."

Both training programs are being administered by Laramie County Community College (LCCC) in partnership with local businesses and are set to run from late October through the end of June.

"This a great example of how the Workforce Development Council and DWS can be of help to the trades in Wyoming," said said Wyoming Department of Workforce Services Director John Cox. "The demand in coming years will continue to grow, and this is a great move in the right direction. I applaud the efforts of the WWDC and our DWS team in supporting Wyoming training and trades workers."

The apprenticeship grant award process requires a recommendation from the Wyoming Workforce Development Council (WWDC) and final approval from the director of DWS. Only U.S. Department of Labor (US DOL) apprenticeship programs are eligible for approval consideration. Training providers working with businesses must obtain and submit a Davis-Bacon certification illustrating US DOL approval. Davis-Bacon certifications can be obtained from the sponsoring business or from Michael Broad at the Office of Apprenticeship by emailing Broad.Michael@dol.gov.

"The Workforce Development Council's recommendation to approve these grants will train workers in target industries as identified by the state and the Wyoming Workforce Development Council's Next Generation Sector Partnerships initiative," said WWDC Committee Chairman Kevin Kershisnik. "These are high-demand, high-income jobs that will keep Wyoming citizens employed in Wyoming and will allow companies in these target industries to remain competitive and grow. This is a great program, and we encourage all Wyoming businesses and training providers to take advantage of this training program."

Both programs that were awarded at LCCC are U.S. Department of Labor approved apprenticeship programs, and their curricula were developed by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), providing successful graduates with portable credentials. The standardized NCCER accredited training and credentialing program helps develop a safe and productive workforce.

Those interested in applying for either the plumbing or HVAC apprenticeship programs may contact Jacob Sones at LCCC at 307-432-1632 or jsones@lccc.wy.edu.

Those interested in seeking funds to deliver an apprenticeship program may contact Sheila Tenorio at 307-777-2892 or Sheila.Tenorio@wyo.gov.

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