Rebecca StansellCasper

Rebecca Stansell was fortunate to have survived Hurricane Katrina. She and her husband, Greg, fled to Wyoming due to the State's low unemployment rate and clean environment. They lost everything in the storm except for the car they road out on. To make matters worse, her sister passed away two days after Katrina hit. When they reached Casper, the hotel they were staying at got them in touch with the Highland Park Church.

If it was not for Theresa at the Casper Workforce Center, I would not know where I would be today.Highland Park Church was kind enough to pay for lodging until Rebecca and her husband found employment. The Church referred Rebecca and her husband to the Casper Workforce Center to assist them in finding employment. After meeting with Rebecca, assessing her situation and skills, the case manager called a local company, Defense Technology, explaining Rebecca's situation to them and her skills in manufacturing. Rebecca interviewed the following day and was offered a job as a production assembly worker.

However, employment did not help their homeless situation and the loss of their belongings. The Casper Workforce Center teamed up with one of their local partners, Interfaith, to assist with support services which would enable Rebecca and her husband to get back on their feet quickly. Interfaith paid Rebecca's deposit while the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services assisted with her first two months of rent.

Rebecca and her husband were able to work, and instead of focusing their efforts on rent, they were able to purchase items necessary for daily living. Today, Rebecca is still employed with the same company and their homestead is more accommodating. "If it was not for Theresa at the Casper Workforce Center," Rebecca said, "I would not know where I would be today." She wishes to thank everyone who made their life easier. After being through the worst time of her life, she never knew life could still be so good.