Aynna Boyle

In June of 2005, Aynna Boyle was an 18-year-old recent graduate from high school, with a one-year-old daughter, few job skills and limited work experience. In order to make ends meet, she accepted food stamps as well as assistance to cover her housing and medical needs. However, Boyle was not content to continue that course. She wanted to work, but not just at any available job. She hoped to develop a career that would give her opportunities to grow and meet the monetary needs of her family too.

She did such a great job that the department hired her immediately thereafter...Boyle was interested in becoming a case worker for the Wyoming Department of Family Services, but couldn't afford to go to school at that time. So she was referred to the local workforce center by a counselor at the high school. Her career advisor at the Workforce Center, Laura Burnett, was able to help. Burnett coordinated with the Department of Family Services to create a WIA work experience opportunity for Boyle as a receptionist at the department so she could get the feel of the environment and see if it was truly an atmosphere in which she wanted to work. Also, WIA funding was used to provide suitable work attire for Boyle, and to cover some of her family needs.

Boyle worked 400 hours, making $7.09 per hour, to complete her work experience. She did such a great job that the department hired her immediately thereafter, at $7.50 per hour with benefits. Since then, Boyle has been promoted to the position of administrative specialist, received two pay raises and is gaining more independence. She was able to purchase a home and no longer needs to rely on public assistance, except for child care assistance. In addition, she is well on her way in pursuing the career she desires. Boyle frequently thanks Burnett for the opportunities that WIA gave to her.