Jeremy HansenCheyenne

Jeremy Hansen is a young man that came to the Cheyenne Workforce Center seeking assistance to attend the radiology program at Laramie County Community College. He had been accepted into the program and was referred by LCCC for possible WIA assistance to help him attain his goal. He was working at that time as a pizza delivery person and trying to support a family of four. His wife does not work out side the home. They have two children, ages two and five months. Hansen wanted to gain good employment so he could support his family on his own and allow his wife to be home with their children.

In his pizza delivery job, he was earning approximately $7,200 every six months; way below the self sufficient wage based on 185% of the federal poverty guidelines. A family of four should be earning at least $18,500 for six months. Prior to coming to the workforce center, Hansen had also worked as a seasonal laborer. Because of his lack of skills, it was likely that he would continue to be underemployed and never would be able to support his family at a decent livable wage. Hansen's lack of income also made it necessary for his family to rely on food stamps each month.

Hansen is very thankful for all the help his career advisor and other workforce center staff were able to give him.When Hansen came to the Workforce Center, he had already completed all of his prerequisites required for the radiology program and, during that time, had maintained a grade point average (GPA) of 3.9. His career advisor, Jan Eatmon, assessed his needs and determined that it would be difficult for him to complete the program based on his level of income. Sufficient justification for training was given to the WIA committee and Hansen was approved for training. During his two years of training, he received almost all A's. His final cumulative GPA was 3.96 and he was consistently on the President's Honor Roll. All of his instructors and fellow students spoke highly of him. Hansen did all of that while continuing to work to support his family. He was very committed to his goal: to successfully complete his program, and have a career he enjoyed and that paid him a good salary.

Since completing the program, Hansen obtained employment at Rocky Mountain Orthopedic Specialists in Cheyenne, as a radiology technician. He is now earning approximately $14,448 every six months, and has potential for advancement. This wage brings him much closer to the self-sufficient wage that is recommended for a family of four. He loves the work he is doing and knows that he now has a career he can count on to support his family. Hansen intends to stay in Wyoming to raise his family.

Hansen is very thankful for all the help his career advisor and other workforce center staff were able to give him. He feels without this help he probably wouldn't have been able to complete school and be the success he is today. The staff are glad they were able to help Hansen realize his goals.