Project Safe

Paula at Project Safe called me on August 8, 2008 about a woman who was in their shelter. She had no place to live, no car, no family, and no job and suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome. Paula said Nancy (not her real name) likes farm work. She said she would send Nancy to my office.

I called Doug DeRouchey at Wyoming Premium Farms, explained the situation, and asked him if he could arrange for housing and a job for Nancy since he has the alien farm worker housing available. Doug was open to the idea. When Nancy arrived at my office we talked for a while about her situation, disappointments she has encountered in dealing with DFS, and what she would like to do. Nancy has no contact with family, and wants none, due to the fact that she wants to make sure her ex-husband doesn't find her. She had a son, who died a few years ago. I told her about the possible opportunity for employment and housing at the pig farm. She was very appreciative and enthusiastic about the idea. She filled out a WPF application which I faxed to Doug. I asked Nancy to come back to the office the next morning.

Nancy is already planning to work as much as possible so that she can save money for a car and a place of her own.Doug was out of the office Wednesday morning so we made an appointment to meet with him that afternoon. Nancy asked that I accompany her to meet with Doug, which I did. After talking with Nancy, Doug hired her and asked if she could stay at the safe house for another week until he had his housing available and ready. He arranged for a car pool to pick her up every morning at 6:15. Nancy agreed and asked if she could start the next day.

Nancy was very happy and excited to be able to work with the baby pigs. She loves animals and feels that interacting with them will be therapeutic for her right now. Nancy is already planning to work as much as possible so that she can save money for a car and a place of her own. She said she would be happy if Doug worked her 24/7. There is currently a good possibility for overtime because the alien workers are leaving and the new group won't arrive for a few weeks.

I believe that this will be an excellent arrangement and we are very lucky that Doug DeRouchey was agreeable to working with us. Doug has been a great partner with the Workforce Center. Last year I arranged for him to work with Probation and Parole and he has since hired two of their clients. I called Wyoming Premium Farms this morning and Billie said everything is going fine with Nancy today and that she will let me know if anything changes.