Jacob ThompsonBuffalo

Jacob "Jake" Thompson was born into a family that expected the most from him, and he never let them down. Jake loved attending school and rarely missed a day. He performed at his highest level at every Special Olympics event. So when employment was introduced to him while he was in high school, he gave that his very best effort as well.

Jake had several work experiences while in high school; folding towels at a motel, janitorial work at the YMCA and the high school, stocker at Pamida, and if he was done with school work, he shredded paper for the school office. He was pretty sure he could do any of these jobs independently and since it didn't appear that long term job coaching was going to be available, this became a focus.Jake had an idea for employment. He just needed a little help getting it to become a reality.

DVR entered Jake's life when he had 2 years left in public school. Jake had an idea for employment. He just needed a little help getting it to become a reality. Jake wanted to operate his own business and be his own boss. Working as a team with Jake, his family, DVR and the school district, Jake the Shredder Guy was founded. His transition coordinator and DVR counselor helped him present his business to local companies, offering them on-site shredding on a weekly basis. Jake assured them confidentiality would not be an issue. DVR provided initial assistance with setting up the sites, purchasing shredders and providing job coaching. It didn't take long for Jake to be self-sufficient and he started "firing" the job coaches as he didn't need them any more. And he was right. Jake used the Buffalo Area Transit bus to get to and from his jobs (in addition to rides from his mother and father); another step in his independence.

Jake the Shredder Guy got so many requests for contracts that he had to put some on a waiting list. He shreds for banks, insurance companies, lawyers, the county, financial planners, and the school district among others. Evaluations indicate his contractors are very pleased with his services and have renewed their contracts, some more than once. Jake has shown that he still does his best in whatever he tries - and succeeds!