Thomas PatrickRock Springs

Thomas Patrick applied for vocational rehabilitation services at the Department of Workforce Services. He was struggling financially and was feeling depressed which led to a lack of motivation. He was employed at the time but because of his mental health he was stressed and anxious and was not able to earn a livable wage. Thomas also has a history of substance abuse but has remained sober for many years.

Originally, Thomas was not sure what line of employment he wanted to pursue but he eventually decided to attend college to obtain a degree in business. He chose this path because he has a long term goal of opening a consignment store in the area. Thomas began attending courses at Wyoming Western Community College and he began meeting with a counselor to address his depression and anxiety.

Thomas is excited to be working and is earning a wage to support himself.Thomas has worked with several VR counselors over the past years but he consistently met with each counselor to continue working towards his goal. He graduated with his associate's degree in business in May, 2013. He is now working as a sales associate at a local business and enjoys his work. He still hopes to operate his own business some day but benefits from learning new skills. Thomas has worked extremely hard not only to graduate with a college degree but ensure that he feels healthy enough to deal with stressors in his life.

Thomas is excited to be working and is earning a wage to support himself. He also has a positive attitude towards the future and plans to continue improving his life by pursuing his Bachelor's degree while maintaining employment and developing a proven strategy for a successful business.