VJ has complex cognitive and psychological disabilities, as well as orthopedic issues with accompanying chronic pain. VJ has sporadic and limited work history and has found it difficult to maintain employment in the past due to her emotional instability.

Her VR Counselor worked with their job developer to help VJ get a position with a local dog groomer. This has turned out to be a perfect fit for VJ, as she has volunteered off and on for several years as a temporary placement home for a dog rescue and loves working with animals. VJ has retained her position and is continuing to do very well.VJ's employer has accommodated her in being able to work a very flexible work schedule where she has a lot of control over when and how long she works. Her supervisor has given her extra training time and continues to be available to her whenever she needs any sort of direction. She has learned to do a variety of tasks around the shop and can perform different duties depending on how she is feeling that particular day.

VJ has retained her position and is continuing to do very well. She has shared how much she enjoys her job, how proud she is of her position and how happy she is with her supervisor for being so accommodating and understanding.

Because they have done so much to help VJ to be successful in her job, her employer was recognized this year on behalf of DVR and the State Rehabilitation Council.