Cheryl Claiborne

Cheryl came to our office feeling hopeless. She was having difficulty seeing at work and was soon let go from her employment due to her production being low. She had difficulty with alcohol for years prior to coming to VR and had been sober for an extended period when we first met. After eligibility was determined, Cheryl was informed that although she was sustaining her sobriety, she would still be required to attend an In-Patient Treatment program as a condition of working with another agency. She came to the office in tears letting me know that she would have to go to treatment and would be closing her case. I encouraged her to come back to us when she completed the program, as VR could really help her.

Ninety days later, Cheryl came back, the very same day she was released successfully from her treatment program. We were able to make her eligible again, address her vision problems by purchasing a pair of specialized glasses and get her working through job development as a front desk clerk in a hotel. ... Vocational Rehabilitation was able to give Cheryl the confidence boost she needed to be successful on this job.Cheryl was unsure of herself, as she had only worked cooking and waitressing positions over the last few years. Through extensive Guidance and Counseling, on-the-job visits and the purchase of professional clothing, Vocational Rehabilitation was able to give Cheryl the confidence boost she needed to be successful on this job.

Two months in to her new job, she was given a promotion and a raise. She was told by her supervisor that she was the perfect face for the front desk staff as she is friendly, willing to help and always kind to her customers. Cheryl is confident, organized and is still maintaining her sobriety. She is happy with her work and feels that there are many more things she can do with this job and the rest of her life.

Cheryl still stops in to the office just to update on how she's doing, show off a new hairstyle or chat about how good financial freedom feels. She recently told me that she shops on Amazon sometimes to find toys for her animals, a small luxury that she couldn't afford before VR helped her. Cheryl is a special person, and through a lot of hard work and with a little help, she's on the road to success.