Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis has been maintaining a job as an office manager for over 5 years. When DVR first started working with her four years ago, she was completely deaf in her right ear and had limited hearing in her left although was able to function with the use of a hearing aid. While the hearing aid was beneficial, she still had trouble hearing on the phone and in some social/work situations.

DVR was capable of helping Jennifer obtain the cochlear implant in her right ear by covering her medications, helping with her co-pay, and assisting with other expenses. She did well for about three years following this surgery and was capable of performing her job during that time.

However, over the next 3 years, Jennifer's natural hearing began to decrease and the use of a hearing aid was no longer helpful. Her ability to hear conversations, both on the phone and in person, and continue to work efficiently had also decreased. As of February 2015, she had lost all of her hearing in her left ear. Wyoming DVR worked with the University of Utah Medical Center to reduce the overall cost of Jennifer's surgery.Hearing aids and other assistive technologies were no longer helping and were determined to have no impact on her condition. Her only option was to receive another Cochlear Implant.

Jennifer has Blue Cross/Blue Shield as her insurance company. Two weeks prior to her scheduled surgery, she received a denial letter stating the surgery would not be covered as it is considered a hearing aid. Although a CI is not the same type of device, it is categorized the same. After 2 appeals and a letter to the Wyoming Insurance Commissioner, the final appeal was denied and the funding for this type of surgery was unavailable. Hence, without this surgery, Jennifer was at risk for losing her job because she could no longer help customers on the phone and was having complications with understanding customers in face-to-face interactions.

Wyoming DVR worked with the University of Utah Medical Center to reduce the overall cost of Jennifer's surgery. Thus, after establishing a reasonable price, Wyoming DVR covered the cost of Jennifer's surgery. Since the time of the surgery, Jennifer has returned to her job as an Office Manager/Human Resources Manager, has increased the amount she can hear within her left ear and will continue to increase her hearing in that ear as adjustments are made to the implant.

Jennifer is a good example of how willing people are to help others. Despite the challenges she may face, Jennifer always seems to look forward, finds the positive, and continues to be an excellent employee, wife, and mother.