MelaneeRock Springs

Melanee was single 25 year old woman when she first came to DVR in Rock Springs. She had struggled for years with substance abuse beginning at an early age. Melanee had several legal issues throughout her life due to her use and was ultimately given the opportunity to participate in Sweetwater County Drug Court rather than be charged with a felony.

Through the process with Drug Court Melanee was referred to Vocational Rehabilitation to assist her with her employment needs. Melanee successfully completed inpatient treatment through Southwest Counseling and continues to support her sobriety through self help activities.

Melanee has worked hard to complete her goal and was very successful in doing so.Her work history was limited to customer service and entry level positions such as cook, waitress, and an aid at the Child Development Center. From the experience Melanee had with children through the CDC and research into this career path, she determined that she would like to obtain her education in Elementary Education.

Melanee began her education at Western Wyoming Community College during which times she maintained high grades as well as a part time job. Upon completion of her Associate's degree she transferred to Valley City State University and pursued her Bachelor's degree. This was a long road for Melane during which time her mother passed away from cancer, she gave birth to a little boy and got married. However, throughout this period her hard work paid off.

She completed her Bachelor's degree in December of 2014 and was offered a fulltime position teaching at Jackson Elementary in Green River. Melanee has worked hard to complete her goal and was very successful in doing so.