Mike RandallJackson

Mike Randall is a Wyoming native, a small business owner and Jackson DVR's neighbor. He owns and runs the Teton Barber which is located below the Jackson DVR office so when he walked in the door one day we did not think much of it. Mike, in fact, did need DVR's help.

For the past few years Mike has experienced hearing loss. He knows this because he finds himself turning up the volume quite often on the TV and he misses important pieces of conversations with people. He lived with it. DVR was able to help Mike and he now has a new set of hearing aids.It was not until he was unable to communicate well with his customers and co-workers; he was unable to take phone messages or schedule appointments over the phone that he did something about it. Mike went to Audiology and was struck by how severe his hearing loss really is. When Audiology recommended Mike access services through DVR he knew exactly where to go and who to see.

DVR was able to help Mike and he now has a new set of hearing aids. Mike cannot believe the difference that this small service made in his life. He feels a renewed sense of confidence in his barber shop working with all of his customers. His co-workers are just as impressed with the difference, Mike is back to his old self, cracking jokes with everyone in the shop and he has even started answering the phone again.

Walking by the Teton Barber on the way up the stairs to work has always been a pleasant part of the day with friendly waves and smiles exchanged. Ever since Mike got his hearing aids the waves are more enthusiastic and the smiles last a little longer.