Rita RozzoEvanston

Rita Rozzo was 39 years old when she applied for Vocational Rehabilitation. She has already been through three different residential substance abuse treatment centers. She had been convicted of a felony for delivery of a controlled substance and was participating in Cornerstone, a local intensive outpatient treatment center, after 14 years of active addiction. Rita also had a co-occurring diagnosis of Major Depressive disorder. In addition, Rita struggled with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease, and a Kidney disorder.

Rita's employment history was sporadic and she had resigned from several of her previous jobs due to her addiction and physical limitations. Rita applied with Vocational Rehabilitation to obtain assistance with finding gainful employment. Rita and her DVR counselor set a goal of obtaining her Certified Nursing Assistant certification. Rita enrolled in the course and successfully completed the training. However, once she applied to take the exam to obtain her license the National Council of State Boards of Nursing denied Rita from taking her exam due to her criminal history.With DVR's help she was able to obtain employment with Uinta County as a janitor.

Instead of giving up, Rita pursued finding gainful employment. Vocational Rehabilitation assisted her with a job coach to assist her with pre-employment skills and finding gainful employment. When Rita reached her ten month sobriety, Cornerstone stated that she failed her urinalysis. Rita denied the use of controlled substance and advocated for herself by talking to her probation officer and Cornerstone. It was determined that she needed to go to Utah and participate in a polygraph test to prove her innocence and pay for the polygraph herself. She went to the test and it was determined that she was telling the truth.

Rita has now completed her intensive rehabilitation successfully and just recently completed her probation and parole. With the guidance and counseling provide to Rita through Vocational Rehabilitation she was able to advocate for herself and prove her innocence.

With DVR's help she was able to obtain employment with Uinta County as a janitor. This job accommodates her physical limitations and gives her support in maintaining her sobriety. This employment allows Rita to watch her grandchild during the day and be the kind of mother to her daughter that she always wanted to be and knew she could be. Sometimes the biggest achievements cannot be measured with monetary achievements, it's measured in personal happiness and reaching set goals.