Jerimy GrossCasper

Jerimy had pursued his passion in life and had been successfully employed as a mechanic for a small auto shop. He had always enjoyed this type of work and began a career as a mechanic right out of high school. Jerimy had earned many certifications over the years and took tremendous pride in his work.

During an unfortunate incident in which Jerimy was working under a vehicle in the lube pit, he moved in just a way that caused him to experience a sudden, sharp pain in his neck and numbness in his arm. After several treatment attempts, this pain was determined to be chronic and severe and unable to be effectively cured. Due to the limitations this pain created with Jerimy's neck movement, he was unable to return to his career as a mechanic and was referred to DVR by his Workers' Comp representative.

Jerimy's DVR case did not have a smooth start. He  was highly stressed over lack of finances as he was a single father with three children. He had chosen a new career goal that his DVR counselor was having great difficulty supporting. Jerimy wanted to become a CNA. His counselor expressed a lot of concern about his physical ability to perform the tasks of this job due to the amount of bending and lifting, and the limitations and pain he would experience with his neck.... DVR helped by purchasing his necessary uniforms, shoes, medical equipment and Workers' Comp stipend while he was in training.

During this time, Jerimy was also transitioned to an entirely new DVR team when the original counselor and administrative assistant retired. In meetings with his new counselor, Jerimy expressed why he felt that becoming a CNA was an appropriate career move for him. He discussed his previous CNA work that he had done many years ago, as well as the certifications he had held and volunteer work he had done as community EMT member. Jerimy discussed how the trainings and expectations of CNAs had changed over the years and no longer were individual CNAs expected to lift, turn or move patients on their own. Jerimy felt that his neck limitations would not be a factor in his ability to perform quality CNA work. Jerimy had researched how this was an in demand medical field, and jobs were readily available in his community.

After many, many counseling and guidance sessions it was determined that Jerimy would establish his career goal as becoming a CNA. Through his plan, DVR helped by purchasing his necessary uniforms, shoes, medical equipment and Workers' Comp stipend while he was in training. After eight weeks of training, Jerimy successfully completed the CNA certification and was immediately hired by Welcov, who runs the local long term care center.

Jerimy continues to be successfully employed as a CNA. He has set a goal to achieve his certification of a CNA II and then would like to work towards his certification to become a Medical Technician.

Now that he is successfully employed once again, Jerimy is able to enjoy his other passions in life including hunting, fishing and spending time with his children.